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Homes For Sale In Brockton, Massachusetts

Looking for a place to invest in real estate? Consider Brockton, Massachusetts. This city has a lot to offer, including a rich history, a vibrant economy, and plenty of parks and nightlife options. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not Brockton is the right place for you.


Brockton was first settled in 1821 and was officially incorporated as a city in 1881. The city’s population has grown steadily over the years, and as of 2019, it is estimated to be 95,708. Brockton is located just south of Boston and is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area.


The climate in Brockton is typical of New England, with cold winters and mild to warm summers. The average high temperature in January is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average high temperature in July is 84 degrees Fahrenheit.


Brockton is located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. It is situated about 20 miles south of Boston and 30 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island.


Brockton is accessible by several major highways, including Interstate 93, Route 24, and Route 27. The city also has a commuter rail station that provides service to Boston.


The economy of Brockton is diverse and includes healthcare, manufacturing, retail trade, and education. The largest employer in the city is Brockton Hospital, followed by Jordan’s Furniture.


Brockton has a number of parks and recreational areas, including Fuller Park, D.W. Field Park, and Brockton High School Stadium. These parks offer playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, and more.


Brockton has a variety of nightlife options, including bars, clubs, and restaurants. Some popular nightlife spots include the Irish Cottage Tavern, the John T. Leonard Memorial Legion Post #40, and The Alley Sports Bar.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Brockton is diverse and offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home, a condo, or an investment property, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Brockton.

How to Choose a House for Investment

When investing in real estate, it’s important to choose a property that will provide good returns on your investment. There are several things you need to consider when making this decision, including the location of the property, the condition of the property, and the current market conditions.


Q: What types of homes are available in Brockton? A: Brockton’s housing market includes single-family homes, multi-family units, condominiums, and townhouses, ranging from historic buildings to contemporary constructions.

Q: Is Brockton a family-friendly city? A: Yes, with its diverse community, excellent schools, parks, and recreational programs, Brockton is a great place for families.

Q: How can I find homes for sale in Brockton? A: Online real estate platforms, local newspapers, and contacting Brockton real estate agents are effective ways to find homes for sale in the area.

Q: What is the average price of homes in Brockton? A: The price of homes in Brockton varies based on factors like location, size, and condition. For up-to-date pricing, it’s advisable to check the latest real estate listings or consult with a local real estate agent.

Brockton, Massachusetts, with its rich history, vibrant community, and diverse lifestyle options, offers a unique and appealing environment for homebuyers. Whether you’re drawn to its cultural heritage, recreational opportunities, or the potential for a balanced suburban and urban lifestyle, Brockton’s real estate market is ripe with possibilities for finding your ideal home.