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The city of Boston, with its rich history and culture, attracts visitors from across the United States. It’s an outstanding metropolis, complemented with high-quality health care and education, legendary sports teams, the greatest steak feasts, and a plethora of independent shops are also appealing. As a result, it’s not unexpected that many individuals, especially families, wish to relocate to the state capital.

As a household considering relocating to Boston, settling in the right region is the major challenge. More importantly, you need to move to a family-friendly neighborhood. It’s a challenge because the city has 23 neighborhoods varying in space, cost of living, and traffic, among other factors.

It is therefore beneficial to understand the qualities that make a Boston suburb ideal for families. You can rely on Ardor Homes Massachusetts for assistance with this. Our experience in assisting numerous families in settling in the city will guide you towards obtaining your dream home.

In this post, we’ll elaborate on the factors that matter when searching for the best neighborhoods in Boston for families.

The Key to Finding the Perfect Family Home Within Boston Neighborhoods

Finding the right neighborhood for your household in Boston shouldn’t be a hassle. Simply evaluate the areas in the city based on the following factors:

1. School Ratings and Options

Boston offers a suitable learning environment for families

Talking about the best neighborhood in Boston for families is nearly the same as discussing the best neighborhood in Boston for kids. This is especially true for young families. Typically, the objective is to raise children in a resourceful environment. Therefore, the first factor you should consider is education.

If your kids are still attending classes, then you must pick a Boston suburb with great schools. Thankfully, the majority of neighborhoods in the city fit this criterion. The Massachusetts capital houses renowned educational centers, including private and public schools.

To settle on the best one, consider the school ratings. An important question to ask is, “How well do residents regard the learning institutions in the area?” A quick walk around and question-asking would provide the answers you need. Naturally, you should prioritize neighborhoods with highly renowned schools.

In addition, consider the schooling options. There should be adequate provision for all learners, from elementary pupils to high school scholars, to college students. Besides children, young adults may also be interested in pursuing higher education. Finally, ensure the schools are easily accessible from the area you plan to purchase your home.

2. Crime and Safety Measures

Well-lit street in Boston

A region with violence and turbulence isn’t a place to raise a family. Unfortunately, crime rates are surging in the United States, especially due to the recent spike in gun violence. The good news, in a way, is that Boston has a crime rate lower than the national average. Nevertheless, the rate differs for the city’s 23 neighborhoods.

If your aim is a family-friendly environment, you must target regions with the lowest possible value. You can quickly search online for the best Boston suburbs with low crime rates. Research shows that Brighton and West Roxbury are some of the safest places in the city. These areas boast a collection of single family homes you can consider.

However, crime statistics don’t always give the complete picture. As a result, you should also consider what safety measures are available in the neighborhood you reside in. For instance, consider how well-lit the streets are at night and how efficient the local police department is.

It’ll also help if the residents in the area — who’ll become your neighbors — are security conscious. Perhaps they have a community watch or similar anti-crime program.

3. Community Network and Recreation

A child playing in a park in Boston

Imagine living in a Boston neighborhood where you’re the only family around. One thing is sure: you won’t enjoy the environment. Your neighbors may be unable to relate with you as they don’t understand your situation. This can be discouraging, especially for growing families.

For this reason, it’s critical to choose areas with a community network that favors family lifestyles. Simply put, make sure many other families reside in your preferred suburb. That’s what will make it family-friendly in the first place.

Accordingly, when searching for the best suburbs in Boston for families, focus on household signs. Are there children playing on the sidewalks? Or spaces for group walks and hangouts?

By extension, you should also consider available amenities for recreation. Examples include local parks, community events, local bands, walking trails, bars, and restaurants, among others. All of these guarantee family fun.

Besides family fun, they also play a pivotal part in building networks. You can easily run into and make friends with other nearby families. Thankfully, Boston is a big city with lots of green spaces. So it won’t be difficult to locate neighborhoods with parks and plplaygrounds.

4. Commute Time and Distance

A commuter rail in the city of Boston for easy access

Obviously, you won’t be at home all day. We discussed earlier how the Boston area you choose must share proximity to schools. Besides schools, you’ll want to consider other places like work and commercial sites.

As a result, the best Boston suburbs for families should have easy access to other relatively busy areas. Take Downtown Boston, for example. It’s the city’s central business district, where commercial and recreational activities are widespread.

Young professionals, for example, may want to visit Downtown for business purposes. Or perhaps you frequently travel to other cities and would need to regularly visit the airport in the greater Boston area. All these are critical.

Therefore, you must pick a city neighborhood with a shorter distance and commute time. It’ll help if there’s a commuter rail. Besides ensuring easy access, it’s critical for Boston families to choose areas with shorter commute times for their well-being.

Traveling long hours daily can have serious negative effects on every family member. Research backs that. A study on the effect of commuting time and quality of life shows that longer commute time causes health challenges.

In particular, it causes physical health challenges and lowers life and work satisfaction. You definitely don’t want that for your household.

5. Housing Prices and Availability

Budgeting for housing costs in Boston

It’s no news that having a family is expensive, especially if you have children. As a matter of fact, it’s more expensive now than ever, with inflation as the culprit. You have to pay for food, education, transport, clothing, and, of course, housing. For young families, the pressure can be pressing.

To make things easier, your choice of a family-friendly neighborhood in Boston should have workable housing prices. This matters whether you’re purchasing or renting your dream home using your savings or a mortgage loan. Real estate alone shouldn’t dry your pockets such that you can’t provide other basic amenities for your household.

The city of Boston has a high median home price of over $765 thousand. For single family homes, in particular, the average rate is around $757 thousand. However, the cost is much higher in some neighborhoods and a lot lower in others. Your target should be the latter.

At the same time, while considering price, you should not sacrifice quality and convenience. Therefore, consider home availability when looking for the best places to live in Boston for families. Simply put, ensure the neighborhood has liveable buildings.

The Best Boston Suburbs for Families

Buildings in a neighborhood in Boston

Now you know the key factors that make a neighborhood friendly for families. You can proceed and research the areas in the city and pick one to settle. However, here are our recommendations for the Boston suburbs to consider:

1. Charlestown

This Boston suburb sits just north of the Charles River. It’s the oldest neighborhood in the capital city and, as a result, has a rich history and culture. Consequently, the town boasts a strong sense of community, which makes it a great place for families.

Besides the staunch community network, Charlestown also records a low crime rate. Findings show crime rate in the town is 17% lower than the US national average. What more? This Boston suburb shares proximity with Downtown Boston. It also boasts quality public transportation.

2. East Boston 

If you’re particular about urban living, East Boston is a suburb that’ll grab your attention. As residents call it, Eastie boasts an ideal atmosphere to raise a family. Particularly, it guarantees fun with various parks, playgrounds, and restaurants. Some top locations in the town include the East Boston Memorial Park, Constitution Beach, and Belle Isle Marsh Reservation.

This Boston suburb is also suitable if you want easy access to other areas in Massachusetts, the United States, or even other countries. The town houses the Logan International Airport.

3. Hyde Park

You already know what to expect from this neighborhood from the name Hyde Park. Indeed, it’s one location with a plethora of parks and playgrounds. For this reason, we recommend it as one of the best Boston suburbs for young families.

Despite the high recreation in the town, Hyde Park is still relatively quiet. It’s also a great place for pursuing higher education, with renowned schools like Boston Baptist College. However, what you’ll appreciate most in Hyde Park is the relatively affordable houses.

4. Brighton

Brighton is a versatile neighborhood, one that offers vitality and peace. It’s situated on the shores of the Charles River, near the more famous Allston, and populated by young professionals. Thanks to its juvenile aura, young families can easily blend into the population.

Furthermore, Brighton homes are less expensive. You won’t break the bank to live among the residents. Also, the neighborhood features fun areas like Brighton Common, Shubow Park, and Rogers Park.

5. West Roxbury 

West Roxbury is always in the mix when discussing the perfect place for families in Boston. The neighborhood sits at the south end and shares borders with Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and Brookline, among others. Notably, it’s not the same as Roxbury.

This neighborhood features Centre Street, which also stretches into Jamaica Plain. Thanks to the wide range of restaurants and bars, the street is where you want to be for quality family time. For education, West Roxbury boasts some of the best public schools in Boston.


A family-friendly neighborhood is one with good schools, a low crime rate, supportive community networks, low commute time, and an affordable cost of living. You’ll find many locations that fit this description in Boston. Our recommendations include Charlestown, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, East Boston, and Brighton.

Need more assistance in your quest for the best Boston suburbs for families? Check out the property finder on our website? It’s one tool that’ll help you land your dream home in the MA capital.

Furthermore, you can contact our expert real estate agents for guidance. We have experienced agents in Boston and in other cities in Massachusetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Places To Live Near Boston for Families?

Some of the best places to live near the Boston area for families include Cambridge, Brookline, Medford, and Watertown. These cities are all located in Massachusetts and, as a result, share proximity with the capital. Nevertheless, you can skip leaving the city and settle in the best Boston suburbs for families.

Is Boston Good for Families?

Yes, Boston is a good place for families to live in. The big city boasts good private and public schools with good health care, safe streets, and a relatively low crime rate. In addition, there are lots of green spaces, parks, and playgrounds, where families can visit to have a good time.

What Is the Best City To Raise a Family in Massachusetts?

Some of the best cities in Massachusetts for families include Amherst, Bedford, Boston, and Wilmington. These cities offer family-friendly suburbs with various supporting amenities. However, they consist of multiple neighborhoods, so you still need to narrow your search to find the perfect place.

Where Do Most People Live in Boston?

The most popular neighborhoods in Boston where most people live include Downtown Boston, Back Bay, Sommerville, Beacon Hill, and Allston. These are all comfortable places for residents. However, if you’re more particular about household living, consider areas like West Newton, Charlestown, and Hyde Park.

What Can You Do in Downtown Boston With Family?

Downtown is one of the best Boston suburbs with fun amenities for families to visit and have a good time. You can visit the sports fields to watch legendary sports teams, have a good meal at the restaurants and bars, or visit the chain shops in Downtown Crossing.

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