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If you’re considering selling your home in Burlington or are simply curious about the state of the local housing market, this article is your data-driven guide. In a real estate landscape where informed decisions can make all the difference, we aim to provide you with the crucial statistics and insights you need to navigate the market successfully.

Burlington, Massachusetts, is a dynamic city with a diverse range of neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm. From the upscale elegance of Burlington Town Center to the affordability of North Burlington, the qualities of these neighborhoods can significantly impact your home-selling strategy. It’s evident that this is a seller’s market, offering an excellent opportunity for those looking to sell their properties.

In this article, we’ll delve into these statistics, explore what they mean for you as a potential seller, and offer insights and strategies that can help you maximize your returns. The goal is simple: to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed, data-backed decisions in the Burlington real estate market.

Neighborhoods in the Burlington Real Estate Market

Burlington's neighborhoods represent different lifestyles, amenities, and, of course, price ranges.

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At present, Burlington boasts a total of five distinct neighborhoods, each offering a slightly different experience for residents and potential homebuyers. As you consider putting your home on the market, remember that these neighborhoods are more than just geographical divisions; they represent different lifestyles, amenities, and, of course, price ranges.

Among these neighborhoods, the following two stand out prominently. Burlington Town Center, the city’s upscale gem, is known for its sophistication and amenities. However, it comes with a price tag to match, with a median listing home price of $1.4 million as of September 2023.

On the other end of the spectrum, North Burlington emerges as the more affordable option, making it an attractive destination for budget-conscious buyers. With a median listing home price of $879.9K, North Burlington provides a compelling alternative for those looking for a more cost-effective entry into the Burlington housing market.

If your property is in Burlington Town Center, you can leverage the prestige and exclusivity associated with this neighborhood to your advantage. In contrast, if you’re situated in North Burlington, competitive pricing and highlighting the area’s cost-efficiency may be your key selling points.

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Current Market Conditions

The median home price in Burlington, Massachusetts, in September 2023 stood at a notable $1.3 million. This figure represents more than just a number; it serves as a pivotal data point for individuals considering putting up their homes for sale. It signifies the benchmark around which property values are currently revolving. However, what makes this statistic even more compelling is its year-over-year comparison.

The year-over-year price change reveals that the median listing home price has surged by an astonishing 53.5%. This substantial increase underscores the vibrant demand in the Burlington real estate market. Such remarkable growth can be attributed to a multitude of factors, including economic strength, location desirability, and the overall appeal of the city to both residents and prospective buyers.

This surge in median listing home prices indicates a flourishing real estate landscape. For potential home sellers, it implies that property values have seen remarkable appreciation, which can have a substantial impact on your potential returns.

Pricing Per Square Foot

As of September 2023, the median listing home price per square foot in Burlington was $381. This figure serves as a precise indicator of property value in relation to its size, allowing for more direct comparisons between homes of varying dimensions.

For sellers, understanding the median listing home price per square foot is vital. It offers insights into how properties are priced concerning their size and layout, allowing you to assess the competitiveness of your listing. If your home offers more space or features at a similar price per square foot as the market average, it can be a strong selling point.

Conversely, if your property lags behind the market’s price per square foot, you may need to consider either justifying the differential with unique features or adjusting your listing price. This metric empowers sellers to make data-driven decisions about their asking price, ensuring they’re in line with market expectations and competitive.

Recent Sales Data

The connection between the median listing home price and median home sold price lies in the pricing strategy employed by sellers.

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In September 2023, the median home sold price in Burlington stood at $860.5K, marking a significant milestone in the city’s real estate landscape. The median home sold price is essentially the middle point where half of the homes sold for more and half for less. This statistic for Burlington MA houses for sale represents the pulse of the market, reflecting what buyers are willing to pay. For sellers, this statistic can serve as a benchmark against which they can measure their own property’s pricing strategy.

On the other hand, the median listing price signifies what sellers are asking for their properties. When the median listing price exceeds the median home price, it may suggest that sellers are optimistic about their property’s value and are potentially testing the higher end of the market. Conversely, if the median listing price falls below the median home price, it could indicate a more competitive pricing approach, where sellers are positioning their properties attractively to secure faster sales.

The median sale price reflects the actual transaction price at which homes are selling, serving as the ultimate benchmark. The correlation between these three metrics highlights the interplay between seller expectations, market dynamics, and the final outcomes of property transactions.

Here’s how this figure can be a valuable guide for setting asking prices:

  1. Realistic Pricing: Setting an asking price that is too high compared to the median sold price might deter potential buyers, leading to a more extended time on the market. Conversely, pricing significantly below this median could mean potential undervaluation. Understanding the median sold price helps sellers strike a balance between a competitive price and maximizing their returns.
  2. Competitive Edge: Knowing the median sold price allows sellers to position their property competitively in the market. If your home’s features, condition, and location align with properties that have recently sold at or near the median price, you can leverage this information to attract potential buyers.
  3. Negotiation Leverage: When sellers are well-informed about the median sold price, they are better equipped to negotiate with potential buyers. They can justify their pricing strategy based on this concrete data point, instilling confidence in prospective buyers and potentially minimizing negotiations.
  4. Market Trends: The median sold price also provides insight into broader market trends. An increasing median sold price indicates a growing market, while a declining one may signal a market in transition.

What is a Seller’s Market?

A “seller’s market” is a term that encapsulates the prevailing conditions in the real estate industry, characterized by a scenario where there are more potential buyers seeking homes than there are available properties for sale. This phenomenon typically results in a competitive landscape where sellers have the upper hand, with increased leverage in negotiations, higher property prices, and faster sales.

In the context of Burlington, Massachusetts, it’s important to note that the current real estate market aligns with the characteristics of a seller’s market. The city’s limited housing inventory, combined with strong demand, has created a situation where properties are in high demand, and buyers often find themselves competing for the same homes. This, in turn, drives up property prices, making it an opportune time for sellers.

For those looking to sell their homes in Burlington, the implications of a seller’s market are significant. It signifies that you are in a favorable position, with the potential to secure competitive offers and sell your property efficiently. However, you need to leverage this advantage effectively. Sellers should approach the market with realistic but competitive pricing, capitalize on their property’s unique features, and be prepared for quick sales.

Days on Market

The average days on the market reveal the dynamic nature of the Burlington real estate landscape.

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In September 2023, homes in Burlington were spending an average of just 22 days on the market. This statistic signifies the swift turnover in property sales, and it carries significant implications for both sellers and buyers.

Comparing this data to the previous month and year underscores notable trends. For instance, if the current average of 22 days is shorter than the previous month, it indicates an increasing demand or more competitive pricing, potentially resulting in a quicker sale for sellers. Conversely, if the average days on the market have increased compared to the previous year, it could imply a slightly less heated market, providing buyers with more time for decision-making.

Understanding these trends in days on the market allows potential sellers to gauge the pace of the market, set appropriate expectations, and strategize accordingly. For buyers, it provides insights into the urgency of their decision-making and the likelihood of multiple offers on properties.

The Impact of Neighborhoods on Home Sales

To maximize the outcome for homes for sale in Burlington, MA, sellers must tailor their strategies to align with their specific neighborhood’s characteristics. This could involve setting competitive prices based on neighborhood trends, highlighting unique features or improvements, and understanding the desires of buyers in that particular area.

Different neighborhoods in Burlington have unique characteristics and, subsequently, varying impacts on home sales:

  1. Location and Desirability: The location of a neighborhood often plays a significant role in home sales. Burlington Town Center, with its upscale amenities, attracts buyers seeking luxury living. Homes here typically sell at higher price points, but sellers may need to offer top-notch features to command these prices.
  2. Affordability: Neighborhoods like North Burlington offer more budget-friendly options, making them appealing to a broader range of buyers. Sellers in these areas should emphasize affordability and good value.
  3. Market Trends: Understanding the recent sales trends in each neighborhood is crucial. Some areas may be experiencing higher demand and quicker sales, while others may have a more balanced market. Sellers should adapt their strategies accordingly.
  4. Community and Amenities: The lifestyle offered by a neighborhood can sway homebuyers. Areas with good schools, parks, and community facilities may be more attractive. Sellers should highlight these attributes in their marketing.

The Importance of a Real Estate Agent

A good agent will lead you through the latest real estate market trends.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property in a competitive market like Burlington, having an experienced agent by your side is often the key to a successful transaction.

First and foremost, real estate agents bring extensive market knowledge to the table. They have their fingers on the pulse of local neighborhoods, keeping a close watch on trends, pricing, and market conditions. For sellers, this means expert guidance on setting the right asking price, optimizing property presentation, and marketing strategies tailored to the current market status. For buyers, it translates into access to comprehensive listings that align with their preferences and budgets.

Real estate agents are also skilled negotiators for houses for sale in Burlington, MA, which is vital in a competitive market. They can navigate complex negotiations, ensure that your interests are protected, and help you secure the best possible deal. They are adept at understanding the nuances of contracts and can safeguard your rights and investments.

Moreover, agents offer a network of valuable connections, from mortgage brokers and home inspectors to appraisers and contractors. This network can streamline the buying or selling process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Their expertise, market insights, negotiation skills, and professional network all contribute to ensuring that you make informed, data-driven decisions and navigate the real estate landscape with confidence.


As we’ve explored the latest trends in Burlington’s real estate, from median prices to market conditions and neighborhood dynamics, it’s evident that knowledge is power. And in this dynamic landscape, the role of a professional real estate agency becomes paramount.

Navigating the Burlington real estate market is a challenge. As a potential seller or buyer, you’re likely seeking insights and strategies to ensure success in this bustling marketplace. Ardor Homes Massachusetts is not just another agency; we’re your dedicated partners in this journey. Our solution is simple yet powerful – data-driven expertise, market insights, and a commitment to your success.

Contact us now to get started on your path to success.

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