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Your love life, or lack thereof, may be attributed to where you live. If you are looking to update the status from single to in love, here are the best cities for singles!

Some Things To Consider

Before packing your bags and buying plane tickets to your new home for love, it is vital to check what makes them the best cities for singles. Choose what’s best suited to your appetite for adventure, considering other living conditions: employment, career opportunities, food, rent, activities, cost of living, and the number of singles in the community. Love does require good investments!

Bookmark Social Events

Easy on relying on dating apps for connection and communication, these cities have their own niche of buzzing social and community events where you may find the one. Make sure you know what you want and join the fun things to do in the city of your choice. It’s best to see your potential partner interact in a community event – invite them over to one on a date or so.

Check the Data and Your Heart

We’re presenting you the best data, but do check how you feel about starting a life in any of this. With 31% of American adults identifying themselves as single, it is important that you feel excited and comfortable being part of the dating pool in your city of choice! Enthusiasm and confidence enhance your attractive points.

Onto the exploration!

Atlanta, Georgia – One of the Best Cities for Single Men

Not just called Hotlanta due to its climate. This city is blazing with singles, with only 31% of its population recorded being married based on census data. Some sites say 51% of the population is women. Atlanta is one of the best cities for single men, especially those looking for women in their 30s, with an estimate of 105 single women for every 100 single men. The dating pool, however, isn’t that rich for men looking for older women.

The Big Peach is an affordable city to live in, with vast career opportunities – perfect for singles looking for a different location to spice up their dating lives on a budget but with a better job. Companies like Marriott International, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, and AT&T are among the top employers in this dynamic city.

Atlanta also boasts a geographical advantage with nature parks, rivers, and vast wilderness, providing endless date options to those with outdoor preferences. For those indoor-biased and/or artistic hearts and souls, the city has a long list of galleries, museums, concert halls, and theaters to satisfy your curiosity about your probable soulmate. 

Home to several professional sporting teams like the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and Atlanta Hawks (NBA), single sports fans might find their partners cheering for the same team! The city is actually in talks to host Super Bowl 2028 in the famous Mercedes-Benz Stadium, something to look forward to in planning future dates. 

If you’re into a different type of adrenaline rush, splashed with more romantic activities and sightseeing, enjoy the view from the SkyView Atlanta, the 20-story Ferris wheel.

Other factors to consider:

  • 53.4% of residents aged 25 and older have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • More than 60% of both men and women aged 16 and up are working.
  • The median gross rent as of 2020 is $1,227.
  • Households earn a median of $64,179, based on 2020 data.
  • Travel to work in about 27.5 minutes.

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Portland, Oregon – One of the Best Cities for Young Singles

Ever considered you might be eclectic for a love life while everyone else in your area is more traditional and laidback, if not hitched? Portland may be the city for you young professionals looking for love. Hush! While this city is not exactly silent – it’s trendy, we’re sure – not all will agree that this is a hotspot as one of the best cities for young singles. This makes the dating pool even more exciting.

This city, with its slogan “Keep Portland Weird,” boasts a scenic and dynamic culture to excite people to explore themselves and the dating world. It is well-known as a city of neighborhoods due to the diverse communities spread across the six “quadrants.” Join the community events like the Piano Push Play and the Elephant Garlic Festival, and get immersed in how weird you can get with a community. You might meet a special person with the same level of eclectic vibes as you are!

Known to be a cultural hub, we can only expect its dating pool to revolve around the arts, music, and different avenues of self-expression, with a bustling nightlife scene. Portland is also a leader in environmentalism and sustainability with community gardens, vegan and ethically-sourced food and produce, and activities revolving around such advocacy. 

If you feel Portland is calling you for its culture, here are some other data to consider:

  • There are an estimated 641,162 people living in the city.
  • One report says that it ranked fifth in the best cities for singles in the US.
  • The median household income is $73,159.
  • There are over 4,000 restaurants, 661 bars, and 115 museums in the Metropolitan Area.
  • Portland’s median gross rent is $1,325.
  • The city is considered progressive, with an outpouring of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Denver, Colorado – One of the Best Places for Single Women to Live

Called the Mile High City, Denver might just be the place to get your love life elevated to new heights. Ranking fourth on the Forbes list of The Best Places for Business and Careers, the city draws more people in, having one of the highest inbound migration in the US. It is considered one of the best places for single women to live looking for love and a career, with 125 single men for every 100 women.

Several big companies are based and/or with offices in Denver like Comcast, IBM, Coors Brewing Company, and Wells Fargo. This makes the city a hotspot for career-driven professionals, upgrading the quality of the dating pool.

Ever dream of a romantic encounter to make you feel on top of the world? Trek the rocky mountains with residents and tourists, and you’ll probably have your dream come true soon. But if you prefer the city life more than the outdoors, Colorado has a lot to offer: from the historic Larimer Square, hosting restaurants, bars, and shopping establishments, to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, satisfying your curiosity about space exploration, natural history, anthropology and more. The city has a lot to offer to get to know people as friends and/or potential partners.

With a lot of sporting events, Denver has attracted a lot of eligible men into residency. It is the home of the Denver Broncos, winning their first Super Bowl in 1998 against Brett Favre and the Packers. It considers itself a city big on sports with professional teams in baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey, aside from football. A great place for women who love sports as well!

If you’re up to it, here are some data to keep in mind:

  • The population is large, with an estimate of 711,463, with a median household income of $72,661.
  • About 72.3% of people aged 16 and older are employed, civilians.
  • 50.3% of 25-year-olds and up in Denver have a Bachelor’s degree or even higher education.
  • $1,397 is the median gross rent.

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San Francisco, California – One of the Best Cities for Singles Over 40

With 133 single men for 100 single women, San Francisco is ranked 2nd among the best cities for single women. The male population is predominantly of the older generations, with the highest ratio of any city for single men over the age of 40, making it one of the best cities for singles over 40.

Close to Silicon Valley, this vibrant city is known to have very dynamic job and career opportunities within some of the leading cutting-edge tech companies like Alphabet, Meta, Apple, Chevron, and Wells Fargo. Consider yourself warned: the city has a cutthroat job market with the booming tech industry. It is also one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities to live in, with median rent 2.5 times higher than the median national rent. That is $4,500 compared to the national median of $1,650.

But to be fair, “Everybody’s Favorite City” offers a lot of dating opportunities with its large selection of activities while enjoying its natural and developed beauty. You can bring your dogs to Mission Dolores Park, where you both can meet potential life partners in the off-leash dog area. Time to help yourselves in updating that relationship status! Dating apps can help, but you’re already in San Francisco, so make sure to make your life even easier by going out and meeting new people in a more vibrant environment.

With its status as a tourist destination, you can even meet your match among the enthralled visitors while exploring the city yourself. Several cultural attractions, events, and even its natural beauty, including the mostly fogged Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay views, can enhance the romantic air for singles. Unleash your creativity through its buzzing days and vibrant nights. Your passion can help draw in the right person. Make San Francisco count for everything it is worth.

Before buying that plane ticket, check these stats:

  • The median household income is $119,136, with 71.2% of the population 16 and up active in the civilian labor force.
  • Asian population comprises 34.3% of the total, the highest among other minorities.
  • Census states that 58.8% of people aged 25 and above are with Bachelors and even higher degrees.
  • Living arrangements data state that there are 2.36 living together in a household.

Austin, Texas – One of the Best Cities for Single Women

Texas is considered the best state to build a business, and Austin has a hot job market with former Silicon Valley residents like Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and 8VC joining the tech exodus to the “Silicon Hills.” CEOs like Elon Musk are also moving to the new tech hub for its diverse and highly educated population, with great living conditions, good food bursting with local flavor, a great music scene, and a lot of choices outdoors, making it a go-to home for professionals. 

As Austin emerges as a tech destination, many young professionals are also taking advantage of its slowed-down population growth with a low unemployment rate, increasing demand for skills for the growing workforce requirements, and steady income. Likewise, it ranked 5th for single women, with 120 single men per 100 single women. 

Find love in Austin by jogging, walking your canine friends, or visiting its most popular locations, such as the Blanton Museum of Art. Who knows, you might find one working in Austin’s major employers or simply enjoying life in this newfound lifestyle gem.

The emerging city also hosts SXSW and Austin City Limits, the largest festivals in the area. Festival goers might make both a viable dating activity, getting to know people while enjoying the diversity brought in. 

Consider Football Saturdays as part of the unrelenting football season, and cheer for the Texas Longhorns. If you’re looking for a unique date idea, play mini golf at the Peter Pan course or visit unique shops located on South Congress Avenue. Some do find it hard to start romantic pursuits. Your dating app may get handy. Tech for tech, right?

Take note, though – most men in the ratio are in the younger population. So you might want to consider other cities if you’re determined to find older, single men to enjoy life with! Likewise, Austin offers a lot of development for the future. You might want to keep this option open while more companies and people relocate to live and work within the city.

If you’re on board with Austin as your best city for singles, here are some facts to bookmark:

  • The 2020 census states that the median household income is $75,752.
  • 53.4% of people 25 years old and above have college up to postgraduate degrees.
  • The median gross rent stated is $1,346.
  • It can take 24.6 minutes to travel to work.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Best City for Singles

If your criteria for being the best city for singles is based on dating satisfaction, Minneapolis might be your best option. As it is a big city, the population is high and large enough within the dating pool. Earning the nickname “Minnesota Nice,” the city is known for being welcoming to newcomers. Ain’t that something to look forward to!

Apart from the wonderful hospitality and friendliness of its people, it also ranked 7th as the best place to live for outdoor enthusiasts. With its 10,000 lakes, you will never run out of options for aquatic scenery for potential dates and recreational activities like boating and swimming with the special person. 

It’s not just the abundance of lakes. You may also visit the Minnehaha Regional Park and explore the 53-foot Minnehaha Falls. If you prefer to discover more beyond its natural beauty, it has the largest mall in the country – the Mall of America. You might cross paths with your soulmate while finding the latest trends within its vast array of shops.

Its neighborhoods are also meetup and date friendly with spots like 1029 bar, where you can do karaoke while enjoying seafood snacks. Tour the palate world with different cuisine options from local restaurants with Mexican, Vietnamese, Puerto Rican, and Thai food, among others. Experience Minneapolis art escapade in the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, where admissions are always free. It will open again on August 30. 

The best part: a research team found that Minneapolis is the best city for singles in the US, with it taking the top spot in the overall dating pool score category! More than 62% of both men and women are unmarried in this city, according to the same study. 

Even better, its reliable, convenient, and affordable public transportation system can help you go the extra mile to meet more people and experience the community in various settings without unnecessary stresses and breaking the bank. There are even trips which you and your partner can get for free.

But here’s a weird catch: some people said that while they are welcoming to newcomers, the Minneapolis social scene is quite hard to enter. Most people know each other from childhood. Fret not. This might be an opportunity to build your roots in a wonderful city. Don’t give up on making friends and finding love among the people here.

For further consideration, here are some details you might need:

  • The median household income is $66,068.
  • $1,078 is the median gross rent.
  • Among its population, aged 25 and above, 51.8% have their Bachelor’s degree and possibly higher education.
  • The population is about 425,336, and an estimate of 49.3% are women.

Choosing the Best City for Singles

Being single isn’t all bad, but if you’re looking to end that with a stable, loving relationship fitting your life aspirations, check your priorities with the information presented here. We are all unique, so look for love in the best possible places while fulfilling other dreams along the way.

So, if you’re single and looking for a new home, take note of these cities in America. And if you’re having trouble finding one, HOMES by ARDOR is here to assist you in finding the perfect house for you.

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