Boston, a city blending historical charm with modern ambitions, relies on the meticulous work of land surveyors to navigate its evolving landscape. Beyond mere cartography, Boston land surveyors intricately delineate property lines, unravel historical complexities, and pave the way for urban development.

Within this vibrant metropolis, these professionals are the unsung architects of precision. They shape the city’s foundations, blending tradition with innovation.

Here, we’ll explore the profiles of the best land surveyors in Boston to help you make an informed decision when hiring their services.

The Best Land Surveyors in Boston

Not all Boston land surveyors are created equal in terms of expertise. Here are our top picks to help narrow down your options.  

Feldman Geospatial

Feldman Geospatial stands as a beacon of precision and excellence in the realm of land surveying and mapping within Boston. Renowned for their meticulous approach, they specialize in providing accurate and reliable services tailored for various land projects.

With a team equipped with cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise, this company navigates the complexities of Boston’s landscapes, delivering comprehensive mapping solutions that serve as invaluable guides for developers, architects, and city planners. Their dedication to accuracy and detail ensures that every survey not only meets but exceeds the highest industry standards, making them a trusted name in the industry.

Land Mapping, Inc.

Land Mapping, Inc. offers comprehensive services with a focus on precision and accuracy. Specializing in diverse land surveying projects, their expertise ensures reliable and detailed assessments crucial for property development, urban planning, and infrastructure projects. They’re committed to delivering meticulous results, making them your trusted partner in land surveying.

Boston Survey, Inc.

Already serving the Great Boston area for around 31 years now, Boston Survey, Inc. is a full-service land surveying company offering various solutions to cater to different clients. Their services include title surveys, condominium conversion projects, site plans, and mortgage plot plans.

American Marine Surveyor

American Marine Surveyor has been a stalwart in Boston’s maritime domain. Their extensive experience encompasses a wide array of services, including vessel inspections, damage assessments, and marine consultancy.

This company provides comprehensive reports and expert insights crucial for maritime ventures navigating the city’s waters. Whether for commercial fleets or private vessels, American Marine Surveyor remains a trusted partner, ensuring safety and compliance in every assessment.

RealMapInfo LLC

Established in 2010 by Todd P. Chapin, a licensed professional surveyor with over 35 years of expertise in land surveying in Eastern Massachusetts, RealMapInfo LLC has completed thousands of diverse projects. Their team comprises dedicated professionals committed to merging cutting-edge technology with traditional surveying methods.

The company stands at the forefront of innovation, harnessing GPS, drones, scanners, Lidar, CAD, and GIS technologies. This fusion with established land surveying and mapping knowledge empowers them to provide unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and value to both residential and commercial clients. Their commitment to utilizing the latest tools ensures an exceptional level of service, bringing unprecedented precision and reliability to every project.

Horgan Surveying

As a small family business, the commitment of Horgan Surveying to personalized service and professionalism remains paramount in every project they undertake. Employing cutting-edge technology, such as high-tech robotic total station instrumentation and the latest software, this company ensures that each client’s land surveying needs are met with precision and accuracy. Their advanced techniques, combined with a focus on unparalleled service, guarantee results that clients can trust and rely on.

Their services include boundary surveys and lot stakeouts, certified plot plans, construction layouts, topographic surveys, as-built surveys, and recordable plans.

Boston Marine Surveyors

Boats are expensive investments, and Boston Marine Surveyors understands this. With a profound grasp of the significance of maritime assets, they specialize in comprehensive marine surveys that safeguard these valuable investments. Their expertise extends beyond assessments—it encompasses a deep understanding of vessel intricacies and maritime regulations, ensuring thorough inspections that prioritize safety and reliability.

Boston Marine Surveyors’ careful approach, coupled with their commitment to delivering detailed reports and expert insights, establishes them as a trusted authority in assessing and inspecting marine vessels navigating the waters of Boston.

DGT Associates

DGT Associates boasts a legacy spanning over 125 years, rooted in esteemed firms, like Crocker, Aspinwall & Lincoln, Cullinan, Hennessy, Schofield Brothers, and Gunther. Their influence resonates across iconic landmarks, such as Fenway Park, Mass General Hospital, the Prudential Center, Harvard, and MIT, showcasing their pervasive presence within the region’s vibrant properties.

Guided by their heritage, this company champions thoughtful innovation in the surveying and engineering sectors. They seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with decades of field-work experience to deliver meaningful and valued results. Their professionally trained crews adhere to the highest standards of precision and safety, ensuring excellence in every project.

Whether it’s a residential boundary survey or the design of a commercial headquarters site, DGT Associates’ proven capabilities and steadfast expertise cater to the diverse needs of businesses, institutions, and individuals alike.

Nitscheng Engineering

Nitscheng Engineering offers comprehensive services, including land surveying, civil engineering, transportation engineering, structural engineering, graphic information system (GIS) mapping, and green infrastructure and resilience consulting. Established in 1989, their portfolio spans a diverse array of development projects, each highlighting their commitment to collaborative, cost-effective, and resilient solutions.

Their mission, encapsulated in the mantra, “Building better communities with you,” embodies their dedication to fostering stronger and more resilient communities through collaboration and advocacy. Beyond a mere statement, it represents their profound commitment to positively impact clients, employees, and communities alike.

John Abagis & Associates

John Abagis & Associates is another family-owned business that has been a consistent provider of top-tier survey services to homeowners, builders, and architects in Boston. Their hallmark lies in delivering accuracy, personalization, adherence to schedules, and staying within budget constraints. These traits have seamlessly become synonymous with their identity—a testament to their commitment to excellence.

For this company, land surveying isn’t just a business. It’s a singular passion and focus. Each project is undertaken with meticulous care, driven by the understanding that their reputation and integrity hinge on the outcomes. Their mission revolves around leveraging technical expertise and extensive practical knowledge to craft finished products that not only please their customers but also fill them with pride.

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These reputable Boston land surveyors are known for their precision, attention to detail, and commitment to providing accurate assessments and surveys. Whether it’s land mapping, marine survey, or construction assessment, these experts ensure reliable and precise results for their clients.

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