Every real estate business needs social media marketing to thrive

According to a real estate survey by NAR (National Association of Realtors), almost every home search begins online. Real estate social media marketing is crucial for today’s realtors. Most social media realtors generate more prospects, close deals, and earn more money. That’s because the first step prospects take when looking for a home to buy is to hop onto the Internet. 

However, achieving success on social media for realtors requires more than posting fun videos or listings on Instagram reels and expecting leads to swarm in magically. It takes intention and effort. 

Below, we reveal the importance of social media real estate agents should know, social media post ideas, and tips to help them achieve results. 

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Why Is Real Estate Social Media Marketing So Important? 

We won’t waste your time bringing up the latest social media statistics. You already know it matters. 

But real estate realtors need help generating leads due to the rising cost of paid ads. Organic and free lead generation is becoming an arduous task. And unless your purse is fatter than your competitors, you probably won’t beat your counterparts with a paid strategy. 

Fortunately, social media marketing costs little to no fees. Contrary to general belief, your real estate business mustn’t have social media presence on all social platforms to get results. 

You only need to go for the social media channels that best suit you and focus on developing the ideal marketing strategy for each. 

The questions below will help real estate agents focus their social media strategy:

Do You Have a Target Audience? 

Instagram has more millennials and fewer baby boomers. YouTube has the highest number of users, and Pinterest has more affluent and older users. Your choice of social media channel should hinge on your personal preference and your target audience. 

What Type of Content Will Appeal to Your Audience?

Will your audiences like trend insights, community info, or real estate advice? You’ll want to ensure your content corresponds with your audience’s common interests and the best-suited content type for your social media channel. 

What Do You Hope to Accomplish?

Are you looking to generate leads? Promote new listings? Want to keep in touch with your SOI (sphere of influence)? Your goal would determine your social media channel or strategy. 

Best Real Estate Social Media Platforms 

When choosing social media channels for marketing, the total number of users to consider. Who are they, and what are they doing? 

Here are some facts and social media for realtors post ideas to help you determine which platform will best suit your real estate agency. 


Facebook is a great channel for any real estate agent looking to cast the largest net possible. The social media platform has over 2.9 billion monthly users

Facebook has the highest sales-generating potential for real estate

Helpful Tips 

  • Share community info, such as local school fundraisers, upcoming theater performances, farmer’s market schedules, or anything else that might catch your followers’ interest. 
  • Add tabs for community events, home listings, and real estate advice and tips to your Facebook page to enable quick access to those topics. 
  • Upload high-quality photos and change your Facebook page cover photo frequently. 
  • Invite existing leads and past clients to follow you.
  • Capture leads by investing in paid ads with your Facebook business account. 

Real Estate Facebook Post Ideas

Real Estate Advice and Tips: You can post tips or advice on how your followers can navigate the real estate market when looking for their dream home. Also, share tips on general home issues, such as “How to prep your home for cold temperatures.”

New Listing Posts: Facebook is a good place to promote new listings. You can have fun by adding emojis — a great way to get your new listings noticed. 

Meet the Team: Share a post to enable your followers meet your real estate team. Your potential clients will know they have a group of experts working to help them find their dream homes.


Twitter is the go-to place for real estate agents looking to get conversations buzzing about market trends, news, and other important subjects. 

It enables real estate agents to gain followers and valuable insights from top real estate professionals and investors that can help improve your real estate social media marketing strategy. 

Helpful Tips 

  • Create Twitter Lists to avoid missing vital tweets. Unlike some other social media platforms, you can make multiple Twitter posts daily, so consider posting short snippets frequently. 
  • Follow top real estate influencers for insider tips and current trends. Comment regularly with your professional experience to build credibility. 
  • Announce upcoming events (such as recap events and open houses) to showcase your community connections.
  • Promote all your social media posts on other platforms using Twitter posts. If you post a video on Instagram, announce it on Twitter. 
  • Always retweet posts that mention you, and follow back anyone who follows you. 

Post Ideas

Educate and Inform: Share helpful real estate resources and valuable market updates to keep your audience informed. 

Celebrate Your Community: Make regular tweets about your local community. It helps you establish a big role in your community. 

Thought Leadership: Retweet relevant articles about real estate and share your thoughts on them. Followers will see you as an authority. 

Share eye-popping photos of new listings on Instagram


Instagram is ideal for showing off your listings and style using jaw-dropping videos and images. It’s also the perfect social media platform for connecting with first-time property buyers because its users are more millennials. 

Helpful Tips 

  • Use eye-popping videos and photos. 
  • Upload a photo that displays your personality, and write a profile bio to let followers know about you and your services. 
  • Choose hashtags related to real estate to help users find your page. 
  • Be yourself. Don’t post only about real estate. Put your style and passion on display. 
  • Use location tags to narrow down your local audience. 

Post Ideas

Celebrate Things You Love: Videos engage Instagram followers more than images. You can connect with potential leads by posting videos of things or cities you love.

Your Personal Brand: Post about your brand, contact info, resources, and what viewers can expect from your Instagram page. 

Showcase Listings: Share images of your property listings. You can also post short tour videos of apartments to generate potential clients. 


LinkedIn is the ideal destination for professionals looking to connect with others about their professional journey and work. 

Whether you’re looking to recruit agents, connect with potential clients, gain more visibility, or establish your brand, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and expertise. 

Helpful Tips 

  • Keep your profile photo and bio up to date. It will help rank your profile on Google search results page. 
  • If you have a team, create a company page and describe what makes you stand out from other real estate businesses. Solo agents and team members can also create accounts and invite people to network with them. 
  • Post consistently. LinkedIn shows your social media posts to your connections. 
  • Share your accomplishments. Update your company and personal page with awards, closings, and relevant rankings that showcase your recent wins and abilities.
  • Post relevant articles and news. Share your thoughts on issues and the latest topics with real estate professionals and home buyers. It indicates that you’re thinking about what’s happening in the real estate world.

Real estate professionals share stories and ideas on LinkedIn

Posting Ideas

Post High-quality Content: LinkedIn users aren’t viewing your content to know who you are. They are looking for what will make them successful. Increase their real estate knowledge by posting quality content.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments: Real estate agents don’t have to be shy about their wins on LinkedIn. 

When you link up with an excellent new partner or win an award, consider celebrating on LinkedIn. 

Share Professional Stories: Write stories about your professional journey. You can talk about how a client gifted you for helping her find her dream home. 


Social media enthusiasts love YouTube due to the tons of information it offers in a highly entertaining and digestible format — video. 

Real estate agents looking to use this social media channel must understand that it requires commitment, and you’ll need to publish several videos to create a social presence. 

Helpful Tips

  • Create eye-catching thumbnails (headlines and visual previews). 
  • Create a stunning “About” page that persuades viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel. 
  • Promote your YouTube videos on your other social media accounts, via emails, and in your newsletters. 
  • Use hashtags, tags, and keywords to increase search engine content ranks. 

Content Ideas 

Share Your Knowledge: Create a video that offers first-time real estate investors valuable information. You’ll earn their trust and generate leads. 

Show Off New Listings: There’s no better social platform to showcase listings. Give your viewers a tour of properties for sale, and request feedback in the comment section. 

Target Specific Buyers or Sellers: Direct your videos to a specific audience. It could be to first-time buyers or sellers. 

A successful real estate agent shares a 360 tour of properties

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents 


Create a Calendar for Social Media Marketing 

Consistency is essential when considering lead generation for real estate social media marketing. Create a calendar that includes the topics you wish to cover. Then, schedule your social media posts at intervals. 

Help Before Selling

Social media for realtors requires soft selling as you’ll need to build a solid connection over time. Aim to promote yourself with only 20% of your posts and be helpful more than 80% of the time. Give your followers the information and inspiration they want, and they’ll contact you when ready. 

Use Call to Action 

Always add a call to action (CTA) in your content and link to your site and other social media accounts. 

Scope Out Your Competition

Before you begin, it’s good to research what other real estate agents are posting. Seeing the number of likes and views they get will help you know what works. It will help inspire ideas for the best-suited content for that social media channel and how you can edit your posts to fit into your real estate brand’s unique strengths.

Join Groups 

Join relevant groups on those platforms where you wish to establish a social presence. You’ll get insight into what your target market wants and organically build followers. 

Use Social Media Marketing Analytics 

Many social media platforms allow users to capture lots of data on your posts’ performances and connections. This feature helps you make any necessary adjustments. 

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags in your content will enable you to get found when people search for information on that social media platform. 


Don’t Overdo

Real estate social media marketing takes time. Having a consistent presence on a few platforms is better than being on and off on many. 

Real estate social media marketing helps to increase sales


Which Social Media Channel Influences Buyers the Most? 

According to statistics, Facebook still has the most influence on the industry, with more than 50% of consumers making buying choices based on a brand’s social presence on the channel. 

What’s the Most Popular Social Platform for Realtors? 

According to NAR, 77% of real estate professionals have a social media presence. But Facebook is the most popular social platform among real estate agents, followed by Instagram and LinkedIn.

Parting Shot 

By showing up consistently and authentically on relevant social platforms, realtors can build organic, long-lasting relationships that could lead to massive property sales. 

Remember, when planning a brand’s social media, real estate agents must expect long-term results rather than short-term ones. 

We’ve provided many valuable resources and tips to help real estate agents get started. Follow these techniques and start your social media for realtors’ marketing journey. You can also consider this a gentle reminder to revamp your profiles and improve your online social marketing savvy. 

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