Worcester residents enjoy a diverse food scene

Nestled in the heart of the Bay State, Worcester offers many culinary adventures to tantalize your taste buds. Worcester’s food scene is a treasure trove for food lovers. From diverse international flavors to New England fares, this city offers the best dishes to suit your taste.

Explore the town’s rich history through mouthwatering foods such as slow-roasted pork and classic comfort fare like French toast or go for Indian, Thai, or traditional Italian dishes. The Worcester food scene relies heavily on local farms for fresh, locally produced meal ingredients.

Worcester has everything if you’re looking for cozy diners, upscale restaurants, or trendy food trucks. Get ready to be transported into the Worcester local cuisine scene as we explore top restaurants in Worcester.

The Best Restaurants in Worcester, MA

Called the Heart of the Commonwealth, Worcester’s food scene has witnessed massive growth in recent years. From Vietnamese cuisine and West African specialties to elegant food trucks and a nationally-noted beer bar, you’ll never run out of options to explore in Worcester, MA.

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The following are popular dining spots in Worcester:

  • Baba Sushi

Located on Worcester’s busy Park Ave, Baba Sushi is home to the most sophisticated sushi with super-fresh fluke, eel, salmon, yellowtail, or uni paired with daikon radish or rice or wrapped with specialty hand rolls.

Remember to check out their spicy starters, like the shichimi pepper-crusted tuna belly. Baba Sushi also offers cocktails like peach, orange, and red wine-spiked sake sangria that pair nicely with the food.

  • Accra Girls Restaurant

If you’re looking to enjoy West African cuisine, Accra Girls Restaurant is the best spot. This restaurant offers a mouthwatering “Taste of Ghana” through delicious dishes like banku (fermented cassava and corn dumplings) and kenkey (fermented corn dough balls) paired with fish. 

Other dishes this Grafton Street restaurant serves include spicy fried plantains, yam, and okra stews. In 2020, the Accra Girls Restaurant opened another spot called Akra at the Worcester Public Market. There, diners can choose meats, veggies, and rice to build their own wraps or bowls.

  • The Fix Burger Bar

One of the best places to eat in Worcester if you’re looking for a simple meal is The Fix Burger Bar. This family-owned restaurant specializes in drinks and burgers in a rustic but modern setting. 

Fix Burger Bar burgers feature the freshest ground beef combined with more than 40 toppings, allowing diners to enjoy their signature “Fixed-Up” burgers. There’s also custom burgers served according to the diner’s specifications.

The Fix Burger Bar also has the best beers and mixes amazing milkshakes and drinks using the freshest ingredients and house syrups. Consider trying their Spartan Burge, which contains herbed fried goat cheese and house-fried chips.

  • Deadhorse Hill

With the knowledge gained from legendary NYC restaurants like Momofuku Ssäm, Gramercy Tavern, and Per Se, Chef Jared Forman started Deadhorse Hill in 2016 to showcase his fine-dining prowess.  

Diners can enjoy a decadent Sunday brunch of suckling pig croquettes paired with saffron aioli, saffron rice, lobster Benedict, and creamed herring on toast with pickled onions and salmon roe.

Dalat Restaurant offers the best shrimp in Worcester

  • Dalat Restaurant

While Dalat only offers a little in aesthetics, it’s one of the places to enjoy excellent food in Worcester if you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine. 

Food lovers will appreciate the large plates of silky vermicelli noodles with shrimp or pork, steaming bowls of delicious pho, fish soups, and curry. You can even snack on their signature sizzling beef skewers, all at affordable prices.

  • Armsby Abbey

This popular New England beer bar features a draft list with hard-to-find brews from Hill Farmstead in Vermont. You’ll also find other tasty cult-favorite labels and imported drinks, making it a perfect spot for dining in Worcester

Besides its extensive beer list, Armsby Abbey serves mouthwatering specialties, including small snacks, artisan cheese, and charcuterie boards. 

You can also go for the heavier food option like the stout-braised short rib pie, a double-patty burger topped with marrow caramelized onions toppings, and hearty helpings of pan-roasted chicken with maple shallot brown butter.

  • B.T.’s Fried Chicken & BBQ

B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge is one of the best Worcester, Massachusetts, restaurants for barbecue and fried chicken lovers. The restaurant offers crispy but juicy fried chicken and delicious barbecue. 

You can also get other staples at the Woo-town location, such as platters of beef brisket and pulled pork with sides like pecan pie, “sexy grits,” and mac ‘n’ cheese.

  • Volturno Pizza

One of the family-owned and run restaurants in Worcester, Volturno offers legendary pizza with an exciting and extensive wine list. The service is fast, and they offer both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Besides being one of the best places to take your family for a quick meal, Volturno Pizza offers a great cocktail list alongside their signature tiramisu.

  • Olo Pizza

Indulge in Neapolitan-style, wood oven-fired pie at Olo Pizza if you’re looking to try something else besides their signature red sauce-slathered pizza topped with roasted peppers, thick cups of pepperoni, and local sausage. 

There’s also the white pizza dressed with Buffalo chicken, spicy soppressata, and sweet pickled peppers. The crowd favorites are the oven-cooked chicken wings rubbed with lemon pepper, Mascarpone, and Nutella-filled zeppole and fried Brussels sprouts with a drizzle of honey and goat cheese pesto.

  • Nuovo Restaurant

If you’re looking for a restaurant near Worcester, MA offering a rich Italian experience, look towards Nuovo Restaurant. Perfect for a family celebration or intimate date, Nuovo Restaurant dishes pack locally sourced fresh ingredients that won’t hurt your wallet. 

The committed staff, great ambiance, and excellent presentation are guaranteed to exceed your previous expectations of Italian cuisine. 

Consider trying the Veggie Primavera, the crowd favorite, which is always served hot, fresh, and flavored to perfection. If you’re considering dining at Nuovo Restaurant during the weekend, make reservations on time.

  • Mama Roux

While Mama Roux isn’t a restaurant, this food truck is one of the best places to eat delicious food near Worcester, MA. Thanks to Jonathan Demoga’s New Orleans-inspired menu, including jambalaya, boudin balls, fried chicken sandwiches, and stewed okra and tomatoes, Worcester diners are constantly flocking to neighboring Shrewsbury every weekend.

The Sole Proprietor is an award-winning seafood restaurant in Worcester

  • The Sole Proprietor

Named one of the ten best seafood restaurants in the US in 2021, The Sole Proprietor has continued to retain that fame beyond Massachusetts to date.

The Sole Proprietor was also named the best seafood restaurant in Worcester in 1979 and boasts the most welcoming staff offering a relaxing dining experience. As one of the best restaurants in Worcester, diners enjoy a great price selection with a menu variety featuring fresh seafood. 

The Sole Proprietor also offers an award-winning wine list with the perfect dish for a mouthwatering experience. It’s best to always make a reservation before going to the restaurant as it’s always packed.

  • Brew City Grill And Brewhouse

This unique grill and brewhouse offer an exceptional dining experience with a seasonal menu featuring an award-winning selection of fresh, local ingredients and beer. 

Each dish is freshly-made to pair with one of Brew City’s 40 beers, depending on the one on tap. Remember to check out their famous sandwiches or burgers to pair with your favorite beer.

  • Wormtown Brewery

If you’re looking for where to get a drink and eat delicious food in Worcester, MA, visit Wormtown Brewery in Shrewsbury. As a veritable hot spot for college students, this place is always lively and cheerful.

Explore their tangy summer beers, including the brewery’s popular Be Hoppy IPA. Be Hoppy is also on several menus across the city and beyond, including Boston.

  • Bocado Tapas Wine Bar

Located at 82 Winter St Worcester, Bocado Tapas Wine Bar offers a fun and upbeat atmosphere with skilled, friendly servers to help immerse you in a fantastic food and drink experience. 

Winner of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, Bocado Tapas Wine Bar is renowned for their unique collection of more than 40 diverse tapas, pintxos, sangria, paella, and an extensive Spanish wine list.

Their selection of imported cheeses, meats, and dishes are all fresh and homemade. Remember to try the shrimp hamburgers, the crowd’s favorite.

  • Flying Rhino Cafe

One of Worcester restaurants best spots for casual breakfast is the Flying Rhino Cafe. Located on the lively Shrewsbury Street, The Flying Rhino epitomizes satisfying, simple, and vibrant dining.

You’ll find many dishes to suit your palate and healthier options if you’re dieting. The outdoor seating area is perfect for catching up with old friends or watching your favorite sports team.

Local Food Festivals and Events for Worcester Residents

While Worcester boasts a diverse food scene, residents and visitors enjoy many local festivals and events. These events provide great opportunities to engage in the city’s vibrant beverage and food scene, discover new experiences and flavors, and support local businesses.

However, you need to check local event calendars to discover when these festivals and events will occur throughout the year.

The following are major local food festivals and events in Worcester, MA:

  • Worcester Food Truck Festival

This highly anticipated annual food event brings together various food trucks in Worcester and surrounding areas. The Worcester Food Truck Festival offers an excellent opportunity to sample multiple cuisines, from international street food and artisanal desserts to tacos and gourmet burgers.

Besides the food, the festival features a vibrant atmosphere, entertainment, and live music, making it a favorite of food lovers of all ages.

Shrewsbury St Worcester is home to many restaurants

  • Taste of Shrewsbury Street

Known as Worcester’s “Restaurant Row,” Shrewsbury Street is home to many dining spots. The Taste of Shrewsbury celebrates this vibrant neighborhood’s culinary diversity. 

During this event, participating restaurants offer bite-sized portions of their signature meals in their booths along the street. Thus, it’s an excellent opportunity to savor various local and international flavors, from American classics and Asian fusion to Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

  • Start on the Street

This annual arts and cultural festival features live performances and art exhibits while celebrating Worcester’s local cuisine. The food section brings together various vendors, local eateries, and food trucks offering different culinary delights. 

You can sample delicious foods while engaging the local artisans or artists and enjoying the vibrant arts.

  • Worcester Wine and Craft Beer Festival

The Worcester Wine Festival and Craft Beer Festival are two events to celebrate wines and craft beers, featuring tastings, pairings, and seminars.

Attendees enjoy various international and local wines and craft beers paired with food from local restaurants.

  • Worcester Restaurant Week

Diners enjoy special discounts and prix fixe menus from participating restaurants during Restaurant Week in Worcester. Thus, it’s the perfect time to experience the city’s diverse culinary offerings at affordable prices. 

  • Canal District Farmers Market

Although not a food festival, this weekly event celebrates handmade goods, artisanal food products, and local produce. Many vendors sell cheese, honey, baked goods, vegetables, and fresh fruits at the Canal District Farmers Market.


Worcester is renowned for its diverse food scene. Some of the popular Worcester dishes include the iconic “Grinder” sandwich, clam chowder, fried calamari augmented with hot cherry pepper sauce, slow-roasted chicken, sundried tomato olive salsa,  Worcester-style pizza, and Worcester hot dogs.

Yes! Worcester’s culinary offerings accommodate the dietary preferences of its visitors and residents. Many restaurants like Bocado Tapas Bar, The Sole Proprietor, and The Fix Burger Bar offer vegan and vegetarian options, ranging from vegetable curries to innovative salads.

Worcester’s food scene reflects its diverse community. Therefore, you can find many international cuisines, ranging from Chinese, Mexican, and Italian dishes to Indian and Thai cuisines. 

Exploring the neighborhoods will help you discover restaurants offering authentic international flavors.


Worcester’s culinary landscape is a melting pot of diverse flavors, showcasing the city’s cultural diversity and mouthwatering specialties. From seasonal dishes to Southern cuisine, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate.

The city’s farm-to-table movement ensures meals are prepared with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, adding a touch of sustainability and authenticity to the dining experience. 

Beyond the restaurants in Worcester, it’s also best to explore the food trucks and farmers’ markets, as they play a massive role in the city’s food scene. 

Whether you’re a Worcester visitor or resident, exploring the local cuisine scene offers a delightful adventure, connecting you to the city’s vibrant foodie community, culture, and history.

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