Real Estate's Business Card: Make It Work!

You may not think of real estate business cards as being an essential part of your marketing materials or branding strategy, but they’re actually a lot more effective than you might think. Most people don’t use them to their full potential, and that means you can be ahead of the game by simply following a set of strategies that have been proven to work.

If you learn how to use business cards correctly, you’ll have a tool in your pocket that can make a difference in building strong relationships with people in your network. This can be especially helpful for salespeople looking for new leads and opportunities. Fortunately, there isn’t any mystery involved here; just follow these tips to make your real estate business card work:

Start By Getting Your Logo Right

A logo of real estate business cards is a visual representation of your business. It is the first thing prospective customers notice about you and helps them recognize your brand. Therefore, creating a logo that reflects your company’s identity and personality is vital.

Creating a logo for your real estate business card can be intimidating because there are many things to consider. However, it is worth the time and effort as it plays a crucial role in attracting clients and helping them remember you when they need assistance buying or selling their home. Here are some tips on how to create a compelling logo for real estate business cards:

  • Try using different colors in your logo design to stand out from similar logos in the marketplace; try utilizing three or four colors instead of just one or two.
  • Keep the logo simple. The logo of your business cards should be easily identified in any size or format. Don’t include too many details or images unless they’re essential to conveying what type of business you offer.
  • Make sure your logo design represents what kind of service your company provides.
  • Don’t get too literal with your real estate business card logo. The logo should be able to stand on its own without explanation. If people don’t get what your company does immediately upon seeing your logo, it’s not working well enough.
  • Your logo should be eye-catching but not too flashy.
  • Use high quality images on your logo. If you have an image on your real estate business cards, ensure it’s a high grade. Low-resolution images can look pixelated when printed out on paper.

Keep Your Real Estate Cards Simple

Simplicity and clarity are key to the success of your business cards. Your real estate business card is one of the few ways to communicate to someone what you do and who you are. Therefore, make sure it clearly tells them both.

If someone can’t read your info or figure out what your business does from looking at the card, they probably won’t spend time figuring it out either. Also, ensure that there aren’t too many words or images on the front side of your card.

This will only distract from the vital information about you or your business. A simple real estate business card design with high contrast colors will help ensure it gets noticed by potential customers.

Keep Your Real Estate Cards Simple

Use High Quality Marketing Materials

The material of your real estate business card is essential because it is what people will touch and feel. Good grade material will make your real estate business card design feel more professional, which can help you stand out from the competition.

For example, if you want to give your potential clients a lasting impression of professionalism, consider using thick paper stock instead of flimsy paper. The thickness is a sign that you are serious about being a top-notch competent in this industry.

Be Unique

Are you a realtor? Why not have your real estate business card shaped like a key? Your clients will appreciate the gesture and be able to keep it on their keychains. Also, this is a sign that you are the real deal and the one who can get them into their dream home.

If you are not in the real estate business, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of ways to make your business cards more unique without using an actual key as your business card design inspiration.

Utilize The Back Of Your Business Card

There are always people who like to see more about you. Your real estate business card is an opportunity to show more about who you are and what services you provide. Use the back of your real estate business card as a chance to give details about your background, experience, and areas of expertise. This will allow clients or future customers to better understand who they’re working with before committing any time or money.

Use Images To Your Advantage

Images are a great way to make your real estate business card stand out. They can reflect your work type, personality, and brand values. For example, if you are a real estate agent specializing in residential homes, an image of a house with the text “I buy homes” would be appropriate for that job.

In contrast, if you have a more snobby personality, then an image of yourself sitting on top of money with the text “I sell homes” might be more fitting for that job.

Add Some Color To Your Real Estate Business Card Design

You miss a huge opportunity if you only use black and white on your real estate business card design. The color of a real estate business card is essential to making an impact. A colorful card is more memorable, creative, and fun than a black-and-white one. Additionally, it’s more attractive, engaging, and eye-catching.

It’s no wonder that most companies choose a full color for their real estate business cards. They want to attract new clients or customers by creating a positive first impression. If you want your real estate business cards to be successful, go for full color on both sides of your card. Otherwise, people won’t remember who gave them that boring old piece of paper.

Select A Font That Is Easy To Read

Choosing a font that is easy to read on your real estate cards is essential. The font you use should be similar in feel to the rest of your marketing materials but not so formal that it appears dated. Moreover, it should not be too casual, as this could make potential clients think you are unprofessional or unreliable.

Therefore, choose a simple font on your business cards that is neither too fancy, modern, nor old-fashioned. These will only distract from the message on your card and make it more difficult for people to read it correctly.

Select A Font That Is Easy To Read

Consider The Type Of Paper You Use

The type of paper you use on your real estate business cards is one of the most critical decisions in business card design and production. When choosing a variety of paper, think about whether you want something that will feel substantial or more lightweight. Does it need to be durable? Or can you afford something that will tear easily?

If so, what kind of finish do you want on your real estate business cards? Paper reflects how a card feels in hand and can affect the weight, feel and finish of your business cards. So choose wisely.

Include Only Necessary Information

Your real estate business card is one of the most crucial marketing materials, so don’t waste it by including unnecessary information. Don’t clutter it with superfluous text or graphics that can get in the way of your contact information. Instead, keep your real estate business card design simple and let your professionalism speak for itself.

First, your name should appear at the top or bottom of the real estate business card in big letters (larger font than all other text). This is what people will see first when they look at your card. Suppose they don’t know who you are. In that case, they will probably just throw away your real estate business card without reading anything else on it.

Next, the contact information should be next to your name; the more concise and direct this information is, the better. Include an email address (or two) and a phone number so that customers can easily reach out to you if necessary. You might also consider including social media links like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

This helps build trust between you and potential clients by showing them whom they’ll be working with/for when working with professional services such as real estate agencies/brokerships where there are usually multiple agents involved with each listing transaction process.

Try To Be Clever Or Funny

Don’t be afraid to be clever or add fun to your real estate business card. You’re in the real estate business, so it’s probably a good idea to have some sense of humor about yourself. If you can make people smile with your business card, that will go a long way towards making them remember who you are at the next meeting they’re at.

Just remember that this is still a professional industry. If there’s anything offensive on your real estate cards, it’ll bite you in the end.

Make Your Real Estate Business Cards QR Code-Friendly

QR codes are a fantastic way to get more information about your real estate business card. It allows you to link directly to your website or social media site so that people can quickly learn more about you and what you do.

Additionally, QR codes can link directly to a contact form for clients who want more information on specific properties in their area. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to reach out to people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the home buying process but are interested in purchasing or selling a property anyway.

Include A Powerful Message On Your Real Estate Business Cards

Include A Powerful Message On Your Real Estate Business Cards

The message you choose should be assertive regarding real estate business cards. The point is not to give a bunch of facts and figures but to have a memorable message that will stick in people’s minds. The goal is to make people notice, remember your real estate business, and even pass on the information to others.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure that your message has an eye-catching layout that makes it stand out from other real estate business cards in people’s wallets or purses. If you want your real estate business cards to work for you, then make sure your messages stick with people long after they’ve seen them. Make them remember why they should choose your company over another one.

Be Consistent With The Style Of Your Brand

Consistency is vital when it comes to your real estate business card. If your brand is bold and colorful, then the brand of your real estate business cards should be too. You want the person receiving the card to immediately understand what they can expect from you or your business.

In other words, if you have a great personality and are all about bright colors. In that case, those elements should be incorporated into the business card design of your real estate business cards.

On the opposite end, if you chose a professional look for yourself in all other marketing materials such as social media profiles or website banners and headers, stick with that branding style for consistency in your real estate business card design.

The last thing anyone wants to do when looking at multiple pieces of marketing material from one office is figuring out which one represents what this person does best. These inconsistencies will definitely confuse potential clients.

Use eXp Realty Business Cards Design Templates

Your real estate business card design is integral to your marketing strategy. It’s the first impression that you make on potential clients and customers, so it needs to be professional and attractive.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to make your real estate business card design more effective. Then try using an eXp Realty business cards design template for your next print run. These eXp business cards template comes in various styles that can help you create a unique look for your business cards, and they’ll save you time in the process.

You don’t need layout skills to use these templates; just choose one from their gallery and customize it with your own information. They have plenty of options for all budgets, so whether you want something simple or more intricate, they have what you’re looking for.

Things That Negatively Affect Your Real Estate Business Cards

Now that you know the best practices for creating business card design, it’s time to learn about the things that negatively affect your real estate business cards.

  • Poor Quality

Poor grade real estate cards can negatively affect your business in several ways. First, they will make you look unprofessional and unappealing to potential clients. Second, poorly made real estate business cards will not get you sales or referrals as well as better ones because they don’t stand out as much.

Third, suppose you have a substandard real estate business card that is not eye-catching or memorable in any way. In that case, people may think that the rest of your services are subpar and choose not to hire you at all.

  • Misspelled Words

When you’re handing out your real estate cards, you want to ensure they’re as professional and clean looking as possible. Misspelled words are embarrassing. They might even be a sign of laziness or an unprofessional business.

Therefore, if you are going to hand out real estate business cards with your name and information, then you should ensure that everything is spelled correctly. This means no typos or misprints on the printed real estate business cards.

  • Designing For The Wrong Audience

One important thing to remember in your real estate business card design is that you must be targeting the right audience. You cannot just throw something out there and hope it works. If you layout your real estate business cards for someone who will not understand them, then it won’t work at all.

For example, if you layout a real estate business card for someone who isn’t involved with real estate or even remotely interested in houses or properties (like an art collector). Then they wouldn’t understand what the card was saying and would probably throw it away right away because they have no interest in these things.

  • Incorrect Templates Used Real Estate Business Card

In the past, many people used templates to design their real estate business cards. Templates are great because you don’t have to start from scratch and can get an idea of your business card’s appearance before committing to the design. However, just because there’s a template available doesn’t mean it will work for your brand or business.

When working with a template, always ensure it matches your brand and real estate business. You don’t want to use generic templates or templates that don’t match up with who you are as a person or what kind of services/products your company offers. If someone sees your card and thinks, “oh yeah, this looks like everyone else’s cards,” then they won’t take notice of yours, which means no future clients for you.


In conclusion, a business card is a vital tool for your business. It allows you to present yourself in front of others. It’s a sign that you are competent and serious about your work. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your real estate business card looks good and is informative and aesthetically pleasing so that people immediately get a positive impression of them.

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