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The Worcester housing market is booming at the moment. Many factors contribute to this, including Boston’s persistent housing affordability crisis. So, many Massachusetts residents are leaving the capital, looking for ideal homes in other cities.

If you have a property for sale in Worcester, you should take advantage of this market trend. However, that’ll only be possible if your home is worth buying. You may still get purchase proposals if it isn’t, but they’ll be worth pennies.

Hence, working with a Worcester real estate agent to improve the value of your home is advisable. That’s how we help our clients get top-dollar deals at Ardor Homes Massachusetts. You may want to ask, “What are these upgrades?” Read on, as we’ll be discussing them in this post. 

Upgrades That Increase MA Worcester Property Values

Every home is different. So, the updates to improve your Worcester building will differ from other homeowners. That’s why we recommend working with an agent to spot what updates matter most.

Nevertheless, from our expert Worcester realtors at Ardor Homes Massachusetts, here are some upgrades you may consider to increase your home’s selling price: 

1. Garage Door Replacement

Imagine walking with a potential buyer into your Worcester home. One of the first things they’ll see is the garage — and, of course, there’s the door in front. Therefore, real estate agents in Worcester often advise home sellers to install a new garage door. This applies most especially to single-family homes. 

Replacing your garage door can make your home more appealing on first impressions. It instantly stands out from other buildings around. However, home buyers won’t appreciate your new garage door for aesthetics alone.

A sturdy garage door tells the tale of security. Consequently, the building stays safe from weather damage, vandalism, and theft. When aesthetics meet functionality, higher home prices are expected.

As a result, a garage door replacement is one of the most profitable upgrades you can carry out. Data shows the US average for garage door replacement is $3,907. Meanwhile, the resale value is $3,663 resale value. This means you get over 93% of what you spend. 

2. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the two most important rooms that sell apartments. Why? It’s straightforward. We all need food to survive, and food is made in the kitchen. Accordingly, home buyers want a space that lets them conveniently prepare meals.

When talking about kitchen remodels, the focus is on the following:

  • Upgrading the cabinets and countertops
  • Installing new appliances
  • Refinishing the flooring
  • Installing new lights and other fixtures

If you can afford it, consider changing the room’s layout or size. You could add a few more square foot spaces. All these will make the kitchen appear new, and by extension, the entire house smells of freshness.

You must consider a kitchen remodel to get a suitable sale price for your home, especially if it’s old. However, knowing exactly what to add and subtract may be challenging. Don’t worry; simply connect with a top realtor in Worcester to help with the assessment.

Checking kitchen components for replacement

3. Siding Replacement

Siding is a feature you’ll find in many homes in popular neighborhoods in Massachusetts. These materials pervade many housing units in Worcester. Real estate agents advise clients in the city to consider sliding replacements to increase home values.

Like the garage door, buyers can quickly see your siding set up. If it’s old and boring, your home loses taste. On the other hand, if it’s new and interesting, your home adds flavor.

Siding replacement usually simply involves replacing the material. In our expertise, however, we advise you to select a suitable material. Generally, your options are vinyl, fiber cement, brick, and wood.

Since the target is to land a higher price for your place, the best option is fiber cement. It can last up to 30 years, which you can brag to interested buyers. 

4. Window Replacement

The average US home features about eight windows. Of course, this number may be too little or too large compared to your house. However, the fact is that windows take up a lot of wall space.

Expect a window upgrade while working with a Worcester real estate agent to increase your home’s value. You can make things more appealing by adding aesthetics. For example, fancy designs that match your home’s architecture can improve style. 

However, comfort is always the number one priority. So, consider getting new windows that block outside noise and minimize UV penetration. These are features to look out for:

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Low-E coating
  • Argon filling
  • Vinyl framing

Without a doubt, some of the above features may be expensive. No professional in the Worcester real estate market will advise spending more than your pocket. So, you mustn’t replace every window in the building. However, the idea is to replace the right windows that’ll return the right price.

5. Deck Addition

If your home doesn’t have a deck, adding one can be your ticket to getting good proposals in the Worcester, MA, real estate market. It’s unsurprising that the number of single-family homes built with a deck in the US is rising.

With a deck, your home gets more square foot measurements. It ushers in more exterior space, making your property more appealing to buyers who love outdoor entertainment. You can make the deck area more particular by giving it a specific design. For instance, you can style it as a bar, suite, playroom, or theater.

Doing the above can get you proposals with amounts higher than the Worcester median price. The good news is that adding a deck is one of the most affordable upgrades you can carry out. On average, building one costs $20 – $50 per square foot.

Deck of a residential home

6. Bathroom Remodel

Earlier, we said the kitchen is one of the two most important rooms that sell apartments. Guess what’s the second? It’s the bathroom. Therefore, a bathroom remodel is just as critical to improving your home’s value. If you will perform only one upgrade from this list, it should be this one.

The bathroom is the most personal room in any house. For this reason, home buyers will always seek an updated space. It must be comfortable and functional.

Any expert Worcester real estate agent will focus on the following:

  • Bathtub and shower
  • Toilet system and sink
  • Vanity cabinet and fixtures
  • Flooring and lighting 

If any of the above is in bad shape, you should remodel it to appear up to the minute. While at it, your target should be durable yet easy-to-maintain replacements. As explained earlier with the kitchen, changing the bathroom layout and size will go a long way if your budget allows.

7. Basement Conversion

One persistent problem with housing in the United States is unfinished basements. Most people don’t optimize their basements because they see it as an unimportant room. After all, people only use it to store stuff and not live. However, that’s not always the case. 

With rising home costs in Massachusetts, more people seek homes with as many liveable rooms as possible. You can offer that with a simple basement conversion. Basements can become bedrooms, home offices, playrooms, or any other utility room. Ultimately, it’ll depend on your target buyers. 

The only problem with basement conversion is that it’s not always straightforward. Research, planning, and designing are only part of what it entails. So, our advice at Ardor Homes Massachusetts is to only attempt it by engaging a professional. 

8. Landscaping Makeover

If you’ve got some backyard or front-yard space, a landscaping makeover will help make your home more valuable. In particular, your property can appreciate by six to seven percent. Conversely, your home value diminishes significantly if your landscape is poorly kept.

Landscaping makeovers involve both softscaping and hardscaping. With softscaping, your target is plants, flowers, and trees. On the other hand, hardscaping involves walkable paths, walls, and fences. Expert agents agree that both can improve the city of Worcester property values.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Plant more trees, especially tall ones that provide shade.
  • Create a walking entrance. Bricks, stones, or concrete will work just fine.
  • Install a water fountain or pond. Such a feature instills relaxation.
  • Consider replacing the outdoor lighting.

A professional realtor will typically recommend a good landscaper to access your surroundings. That way, you’ll know the perfect makeover your landscape needs.

House with an appealing landscape

9. Roof Replacement

No one who views your home can miss the roof. Therefore, if your roof is somewhat old or its style is outdated, it’s best to replace it. Note, however, that this venture is relatively expensive.

The average cost of roof replacement in the US is $8,600. To narrow it down, homeowners spend  $4 and $40 per square foot when replacing a roof. Since the roof covers the entire house, the number can amount to a significant figure. Nevertheless, the investment is always worth it, as a quality roof can last decades.

When carrying out this upgrade, ensure you consider only durable materials. Also, the roofing design must be appealing to your target buyers.

10. Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel installation can boost property values in Worcester, MA, depending on the neighborhood. Nowadays, many people are focusing on green energy, and solar scores high in that aspect. Solar panels are relatively expensive, so your home will surely sell above Worcester’s median home price if you install them.

This upgrade will be more beneficial if you live in an area where electricity costs go through the roof. You can also consider it if your neighborhood records frequent outages. Interestingly, Massachusetts is one of the US states where solar panels are common.

Ensure the panels are good quality and large enough to power the entire building. Also, consider the installation procedure if it’ll cost you extra. Finally, place the panels in a suitable position to get sufficient sunlight.

Bottom Line

The 10 upgrades discussed above will give your home an advantage over others in the Worcester seller’s market. However, you don’t necessarily have to perform all. Doing so may be extremely expensive for your pockets.

Working with a Worcester real estate agent is advised, as only professional eyes can point out the particular updates you need to make in your home. For this endeavor, the realtors at Ardor Homes Massachusetts will be of great assistance. 

Contact us today, and we’ll do more than tell you what updates to make. We’ll also ensure your home gets taken off the market as fast as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Median Rent Price of Homes in Worcester?

Data from Zillow estimates the median rent for homes in Worcester, MA, to be $1,863. This is about 13% lower than the national median of $2,193. Nevertheless, the median rent can vary depending on the size and type of the home. Typically, the more rooms in the apartment, the higher the rent cost.

What Is Worcester, MA Median Home Price?

The median home price in Worcester is around $375 thousand. It’s about 4% higher compared to the previous year. Note, however, that the price varies significantly for different neighborhoods. Homes sell for above $600 thousand in some expensive communities.

What Is the Best Part of Worcester to Live?

Some of the best places to live in Worcester include West Tatnuck, University Park, Shrewsbury Street, and Vernon Hill. The best place to settle will depend on your preferences and budget.

Is Worcester, MA, Cheap to Live In?

Worcester, Massachusetts, is a relatively expensive place to live in. The city’s cost of living is about 16% higher than the US average. For emphasis, the city’s median home price and rent cost are also higher than the national average.

What Is the State of Worcester, MA, Housing Market?

The Worcester real estate market is a seller market. This is why prices are relatively high, yet home buyers rush to close deals. Notably, homes in Worcester receive nine offers on average and sell in around 20 days.

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