harbor cruises – one of the top fun things to do in Boston in the summer

The warm glow of the sun setting over the Charles River, the distinct chatter of the Red Sox fans at Fenway Park, and the vibrant energy that seems to simmer in the historic streets—ah, Boston summer! A season that intrigues and invites, promising an array of experiences that color your life and infuse the rich heritage of this city with contemporary fun. As you explore the towns in Boston and prepare to make the city your new home, unlocking its summertime magic is essential to truly living in Beantown style.

In this guide, we will not only unveil the top five fun things to do in Boston in the summer but will also help you craft an unforgettable, quintessential Bostonian season. From bustling city life to calm waters and from green gardens to fervent baseball games, you’re about to discover the very essence of this iconic city during the most exhilarating time of the year.

1. Boston Cruises and Harbor Rides: Sailing into Summer Joy

Imagine a bright, sunny day as the backdrop to your adventures. There’s no better way to start the morning than by hopping on one of the Boston Harbor cruises, where a cool sea breeze complements the golden sunshine. Or perhaps, you’ll choose a whale-watching cruise, weaving through the waters in search of majestic beasts, or opt for a spirited duck tour, which effortlessly transitions from land to sea, offering you a quirky historical jaunt.

If you’re after a more contemplative experience, the quiet lull of a sunset cruise might be your cup of tea. Gazing at the city from afar as the sky turns into a canvas of pinks and oranges—it’s a one-of-a-kind moment of serenity contrasted against the urban bustle. And, for those who like their evenings with a lively pulse, the Charles River boat rides with cocktail parties set the stage for memorable nights under the stars.

These cruises are definitely among the top fun things to do in Boston in the summer. They offer unique perspectives of the city and its surroundings, blending history with modernity, and are perfect for solo travelers, families, or romantic couples. Plus, what better way to beat the summer heat than by taking a refreshing dip in the cool waters of Boston Harbor?

2. Exploring Boston’s Top Museums: A Journey Through Knowledge and Art

If you are someone who loves to immerse in culture, then this is one of the fun things to do in Boston during the summer that you simply cannot miss. With over 50 museums and galleries to choose from, the city has something for every taste, from history buffs to science enthusiasts and art aficionados to literature lovers.

Beantown cherishes both scholarly pursuits and creative expressions, and its museums stand as stalwart monuments to this belief. The summer months here offer a plethora of exhibitions that turn personal curiosities into full-blown adventures.

At the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, you can explore an array of treasures spanning from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern American masterpieces. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is clothed in the mysterious allure of its exhibits, invites you into a Venetian palace of art and oddities. With interactive science displays and an immaculately restored, towering T. Rex skeleton, the Museum of Science fulfills dreams of discovery that transcend age.

Regardless of your interests, a visit to at least one of these museums is a must-do for any summer bucket list. And, don’t forget to check out the numerous street art around the city for a more immersive experience!

3. Walking the Freedom Trail: A Stroll Through History

The Freedom Trail isn’t just a tourist trek—it’s a rite of passage into the heart of New England’s revolutionary story. The red brick trail leads you to 17 of the country’s most significant historical landmarks, each one with a tale as riveting as the next. Footsteps echo on the path as you pass the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, and Paul Revere’s House, with each step immersing you deeper into the origins of the nation.

In the summer, the trail becomes a conduit for living history as costumed guides animate the stories of the past. Surrounded by the colors and sounds of the season and the liveliness of fellow travelers and locals alike, the Freedom Trail bridges the gap between then and now, turning a day of sightseeing into an educational and unforgettable experience.

4. Catching Red Sox Games and Concerts at Fenway Park: The True Livelihood of a Bostonian

When it comes to sports in Boston, one name stands above the rest—Fenway Park. Home to the Red Sox and replete with more than a century’s worth of stories, cheers, and a few tears, there’s an undeniable electricity in the air on game days. As summer rolls in, so does the baseball season, with the green grass of the diamond framed by the looming facades and the ecstatic roar of the fans.

But Fenway is not just about baseball. It’s also a summerlong festival of music and merriment that boasts concerts that attract some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. From the seats of the hallowed stadium, music fills the air on warm evenings that beckons you to sing along and sway to the universal language of love and joy.

After a game, you can also continue the fun at one of the many bars and restaurants in the lively Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood, making a day out at Fenway Park a wholesome experience that showcases the true livelihood of a Bostonian!

5. Picnicking in the Public Garden: A Verdant Respite in the City

people picnicking at the Public Garden - fun things to do in Boston during the summer

The Public Garden, the nation’s first public botanical garden, and undoubtedly one of Boston’s most cherished green spaces, holds an allure that never wanes with the passing seasons. Yet, in the summer, the garden bursts into full bloom and becomes a verdant oasis in the heart of the city. Here, amid the willows and the weeping bridges, lies the perfect setting for a quintessential Boston afternoon.

Spread a blanket, uncork a bottle, and partake in the lost art of picnicking. Imagine the Charles River glistening in the distance, the swan boats gliding gracefully across the water, and the gentle murmur of foliage whispering secrets of growth and renewal. It’s a tableau that captures the beauty of life’s simpler pleasures.

Apart from these activities, Boston still has more to offer during the summer, such as festivals, food tours, and day trips to nearby beaches. So, get ready for some good times that will leave you wanting more!

Getting the Most Out of the Fun Things to Do in Boston During the Summer

Boston summers are fleeting, like the whispers of history through the cobbled streets. To make the most of this three-month poem, it’s not just about the activities but the attitude. Engage with the locals, explore the lesser-known corners, savor the unique cuisines, and attend the myriad festivals that pop up throughout the summer.

Add a Dash of Local Flavor to Your Experience

Dig into a lobster roll from James Hook & Co. or enjoy a bowl of clam chowder at the Barking Crab. Take a day trip to nearby Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard for a change of coastal scenery, or sink your toes into the sands of Revere Beach, which is just a train ride away. Whatever you choose, ensure that your Boston summer is as diverse and rich as the city it’s set in.

Plan Your Adventures with Care

While spontaneity has its place, a bit of planning can ensure you don’t miss out on the numerous events that tighten Boston’s social fabric in the summer. Check the local calendar for concerts at the Hatch Shell or film screenings at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Secure tickets for trending events and book your tours and cruises in advance to avoid disappointment.

Embrace the Boston Summer Magic and Make It Unforgettable!

With this curated list of the top fun things to do in Boston in the summer, your foray into New England will not only be smooth but unforgettable. Each experience promises a peek into the soul of Beantown that seamlessly blends the grace of tradition with the impetus for modernity. And all the while, it invites you to share in the merrymaking.

As you prepare to move to Boston, remember that the city’s true wealth lies not just in its storied past, but in the memories that you make as you become a part of its legacy. From watching the flickering lanterns on a summer night to cheering on the Sox at Fenway, these are the moments that will define your Boston experience and make you proud to call this city home.

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