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The real estate business is all about closing deals. Whether you’re a realtor working with clients or a potential buyer looking for the perfect home, the end goal is always a sale. And that means that when you finally find that dream home or successfully close on your listing, it’s time to celebrate!

Importance of Real Estate Closing Gifts

Real estate closing gifts are not a requirement, but they are a great way to appreciate a client’s business. It is always essential to leave a good impression on your clients. Real estate closing gifts for buyers can play a vital role in accomplishing this goal. Most importantly, real estate closing gifts are an excellent way to stay in touch with your clients or realtors.

In addition, there is another purpose that a realtor closing gift serves, which some people may not be aware of. This gift will also show past clients how much they mean to you by demonstrating how thoughtful you were throughout the entire process when buying or selling their homes.

How Much Should A Closing Gift Cost?

Before starting your search, you should set aside a budget to keep yourself grounded and realistic. A thoughtful gift doesn’t need to break the bank, but you want to be sure that it gets across how much you appreciate the opportunity to work with someone. 

Gifts in the $25-$50 range are usually well-received, though a small additional gesture can go further if you can afford more. A real estate closing gift below this range often feels like an afterthought rather than a genuine expression of gratitude.

Moreover, if you have more than one client on a deal, remember that not everyone needs their own great gift. For example, suppose you are helping two couples buy a home together as friends. In that case, one unique gift basket with items for each individual could be more impactful than giving multiple smaller gifts.

Are Closing Gifts Tax Deductible?

Some real estate agents treat their clients to a closing gift to commemorate the occasion. But are these tax-deductible? The IRS outlines three rules for deducting business gifts

  • First, you can only deduct $25 per person per year. 
  • Second, you may only deduct gifts from clients or customers (not employees). 
  • Third, don’t buy anything that can be used as a promotional item for your business.

In this case, you would need to keep track of the name and contact information of who received a gift from you and its value. Also important is whether or not it was cash–cash gifts are not deductible even if they fall within the $25 limit.

Things To Consider When Buying A Closing Gift

Whether you are a realtor or an agent, choosing a real estate closing gift for your clients can be difficult. Consider the following when making your selection:


How much are you willing to spend on a closing gift? Some people prefer to go all out and splurge. Others like to keep their gifts affordable (but still unique). Just make sure that you don’t go over it!


What is your client’s personality like? Do they seem more refined, or are they more of a free spirit? Are they into gardening or sports? Consider what sort of things this person likes and doesn’t like.

Needs – does the buyer need new furniture for their new home? How about work supplies or kitchen gadgets? Think about what would best suit this person’s needs, especially with them settling down in their new space.


What does this person want but may not have thought about getting as an additional purchase post-home buying process.


Will this person use the gift you’re giving them? Will they cherish it and display it proudly in their new home, or will it simply collect dust somewhere in an attic or basement storage room?

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How To Choose Closing Gifts For Buyers

A realtor’s gifts for their clients should be more than just another housewarming gift. This is an excellent opportunity to show your clients that you are thinking of them. Here are a few things you can do to make sure the closing gift you give them is something they will enjoy and appreciate.


The best closing gift for homebuyers is specific to the person or couple you are gifting them to. This makes it more memorable, showing that you care about their individual needs and tastes.


If the recipients will forget about it the next time you see them, it probably wasn’t worth buying in the first place. Find a way to stand out from other real estate agents by giving them something unique.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your closing gifts for buyers. If you decide to go with something expensive, add a small souvenir, so they still feel like they’re getting something personalized. Whatever budget you set, stick with it and make sure each gift meets all three criteria above as well. With this, you can ensure that every recipient leaves feeling appreciated while saving money on unnecessary items.

How To Choose Closing Gifts For Real Estate Agents

There are several unique closing gift ideas for realtors, both personalized and valuable. Suppose you’re looking for a recommendation about the best closing gift for real estate professionals. In that case, these two options are top-notch.

Personalized Gifts

Nothing shows your appreciation more than an engraved pen when giving a personalized closing gift to your realtor. Your real estate agent can use this pen to sign contracts and paperwork. In addition to this, they will be reminded of you whenever they use it, and every time they look at it on their desk. 

When choosing what personalized gift to give your realtor (or mortgage broker), there are many different options. A unique gift has been proven successful in the past, including but not limited to engraved pens, clock sets, wine glasses, and cutting boards.

Useful Gifts

The most functional gifts that can be given are those that help the busy real estate professionals make their lives easier when opening packages or organizing their day-to-day affairs. A multi-tool pocket knife is an example of something that many people find handy to have on them, which is why it makes a great closing gift idea. 

Likewise, professional calculators are also great gifts because helping with calculations is one of these professionals’ main tasks regularly performed. Other useful gifts include phone holders for keeping track of cell phones while driving clients around. Similarly, an engraved business card holder for keeping track of potential leads or client information on the go can be a great gift too!

What If They Own The Item I Want To Gift Them?

If you do your research and find out that your client already owns the item you want to give them, don’t despair—there are still options!

For example, if you’re buying a high-end wine for a client who already has a wine cellar big enough to house the entire population of France, consider an upgrade. If it’s something they could only afford if they were willing to make serious sacrifices, like selling their car or house, it would still be meaningful.

Moreover, if you plan to give a client a fine watch and they already own one, you should find out if they prefer one type of watch over another. Then, consider buying them the one that matches their preferences.

Suppose the item you want to give is something like a rare piece of art or antique furniture, perhaps instead of buying it. In that case, you could buy them a copy or replica of said item. Therefore, it’s critical to do your research—you don’t want to embarrass yourself by giving your client or realtor something they already have.

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Closing Gift Ideas For Realtors And Buyers

People like getting gifts because it makes them feel special. When you give someone a present, they remember you. From fun signage for their yard to custom art prints for their walls, here are some unique closing gift ideas for every type of client or buyer.

Premium Membership Gift

Premium membership gifts can be great, but getting the right one is essential. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a premium membership gift.

  • The client’s interests. For example, if they are avid museum-goers, choose a museum membership that has reciprocity agreements with institutions nationwide or even internationally. If they love the outdoors, choose a nature center or hiking club that offers discounts on equipment.
  • Local benefits. A great local benefit is access to arts and culture at discounted rates. Some examples include tickets to community theater productions and free passes to museums in town for exhibit openings. These benefits will also make your clients feel more connected to your community!
  • Discounted or free upgrades for products and services you already offer them as part of your business (i.e., gym memberships). This way, you can still give valuable gifts without spending too much money on them.

Outdoorsy Gift

If your client is an outdoorsy type, a great gift idea is something that makes their favorite activities hands-free. Whether they’re on the trail, in the water, or relaxing by the fire at night, these gifts will help them keep their tech close without being tethered to it. You might even consider getting a few of these so they can try each and decide which one they like best.

Personalized Housewarming Gift

If you are looking for something unique, consider a custom-made housewarming gift. A personalized gift can be wall art, doormats, or even a welcome porch sign. 

Suppose the new homeowner is a couple or family with children. In that case, you can create a customized housewarming gift basket filled with their favorite snacks and treats to help them get settled in. Personalization is an excellent way to show someone that you have listened to them and have considered their preferences when buying their gift.

Household Tool Set Gift

A toolset is one of the most practical gifts you can give to a homeowner. The household toolset gifts are extremely versatile and can be used by anyone, whether it’s for home maintenance, DIY projects, or even decorative tasks like hanging artwork. Also, the number of options makes them one of the most customized gifts out there.

Practical Technology Gift

There are plenty of practical gifts for technology lovers that can help keep your customers safe while out of the house. For instance, you may consider getting them a compact and affordable doorbell camera.

It’s the perfect closing gift for a new homeowner because it’s unobtrusive, installs in minutes, and provides long-lasting battery performance.

Other practical technology gifts include:

  • Smart home security systems—monitor the house while away.
  • Automated thermostats or lights—save energy costs and make it seem like someone is home when you’re out on vacation.

Travel Gift

You could give someone who has just moved a travel-themed gift. This perfect gift will be beneficial if they move to a distant location. Travel accessories are great gifts for real estate agents and homebuyers, primarily when the parties have formed a close bond during the transaction process. These gifts include:

  • Gift certificate for hotel stays
  • Travel journal
  • Customized luggage tag
  • Travel mug
  • neck pillow, blanket, or kit
  • portable wireless speaker

You can also put together a travel-themed gift basket by filling it with all of these items. Moreover, the realtor can present this, or a gift certificate to the homebuyer and their family as they leave for their new home.

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Handmade Gifts

A handmade gift is an excellent idea because it shows that you care. It’s a thoughtful, unique, and personal gift. If you do it right, your client will have something to keep for years to come that reminds them of you. Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter! 

And if you do the crafting yourself, your client will be even more impressed with your talent and thoughtfulness. Remember, this isn’t about how much money or time goes into making your gift—remember, this isn’t about how much money or time goes into the perfect gift but how much thought does.

Personalized Gift

The most common type of closing gift for buyers is a personalized closing gift. These gifts show clients that you care enough to get them something they will like. The personalization can be as simple as their name or initials on a piece of jewelry, or it could be their face on the body of a bottle opener. It can also be a larger, more expensive gift like a custom painting or sculpture.

Local Specialty Gift

Clients will love it when you give them something representing the area they just moved to. Whether it’s a portion of local food, beer, or wine from the region, these small gifts will make your client feel welcome in their new city.

If you’re not sure what to get for them, do some research about the area or ask your clients about their hobbies and interests. What are the top attractions in town? What restaurants does everyone rave about? You could also find a great local florist to send flowers to their house, so they have something waiting for them when they arrive!

Local Attraction Experience Gift

Everyone loves experiences, and they also love their new hometown. Why not combine the two? Some of the most meaningful gifts for realtors and clients involve local area attractions. You could consider getting them a gift certificate to a restaurant, zoo, museum, park, movie theater, or other activity in their neighborhood. 

This will give them an excuse to get out and explore their new community. The more personal you make it to that city or town, the better!

Local Professional Service Gift

Professional services can be a great way to support local businesses, but they’re usually more expensive than other great closing gift options. If you feel generous and have the budget, professional services are a great way to thank your clients or realtors. You can think of last-minute gifts for realtors and buyers like:

  • A handyman service
  • A cleaning service
  • A lawn-mowing service (for homeowners)

These are great ways to thank clients who just bought or sold their homes. Wouldn’t it be nice for a client who moved into their new home to come back from their first day at the office and find that their grass has been mowed and their home cleaned? Or for a client leaving town after selling their home to not worry about finding someone on short notice? The goodwill this leaves behind is priceless.

Online Subscription Gift

Online subscription gifts are suitable for real estate clients moving away, as your gift can follow them wherever they move. They are also great closing gifts for realtors because you have lots of options to choose from that can fit any budget. 

For example, if you’re looking for a low-cost gift like Netflix, it costs only $9.99/month, and it could be the perfect gift for someone in an apartment who needs a little downtime while they settle into their new home.

Food Gift

These are probably the most common type of closing gifts for buyers and for a good reason. Everyone eats, making this gift a safe one to give. You can go with candy or something more healthy, depending on what you think your client will prefer.

The key here is customization, so make sure you think about who the client or realtor is before selecting a food item. For example, if they’re health-conscious, you might want to skip the chocolate and get them some fruit instead. Or if they just bought an apartment in NYC where delivery restaurants are abundant, calling them a pizza store may be exactly what they need! And don’t forget about allergy restrictions—just because you like almonds doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for everyone!

Class Gift

A class is a perfect gift for clients who love learning and trying new things. Consider their interests, and give them a thing they’re sure to enjoy. 

There are classes of every kind available these days, from culinary classes to painting, dance, or even pottery classes. These options are not necessarily limited by geographic location either.

Whatever class you decide on, make sure it will be accessible to your client in the long run—if they do not live near the location where the class was held, then it may not be beneficial unless there is an online version available. Furthermore, be sure to read through any rules or restrictions associated with the purchase before completing your transaction!

Funny Gift

A funny closing gift can be a fantastic way to stand out from the rest of the realtors. It doesn’t have to break the bank either! 

For example, you can give cute plush animals to a family of four. If you know your clients well enough, you can be a little over the top with these gifts and still hit it out of the park. Here are some ideas:

  • A personalized portrait for each member of the family that you took yourself using photo editing software.
  • Collectible figurines that resemble your client’s favorite cartoon or movie characters.
  • Framed pictures and captions related to inside jokes between you and your clients.

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Should You Give It Personally Or Hire A Delivery Service

In reality, it’s much better to hand the closing gift over yourself. You can express your appreciation in person and make sure that you give the client the best possible impression of you.

It’s recommended to use a delivery service if this isn’t possible due to COVID-19 or another health reason. Remember, if you give an impersonal gift delivered by a third party, you may be putting your real estate business at risk of being undervalued. Therefore, choose a local delivery service that promises to deliver your gifts with care. Ultimately, include a card from you stating how much it meant for them to work with you.

Let’s Wrap It Up

As you can see, there are plenty of gift ideas for realtors and their clients. Of course, you may wonder what the best closing gift for a real estate agent or client is. We recommend that you go with something more traditional—but don’t be afraid to go with a more personalized closing gift that goes beyond a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

Suppose you choose something like a canvas print. In that case, it’s better to include custom details like your client’s name and home address so they will never forget the experience they had with you!

But if you are still searching for your dream home or need help selling your current property, we at Homes by ARDOR would love to help you succeed in your real estate endeavors. You can visit us online to learn more about us or start working with one of our expert agents.


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